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Eve Williamson

How I came to be teaching private computer Lessons.

Getting my first email account.

Born in the 70’s, like my students I didn’t grow up around computers. My first real introduction to computers was whilst training to be a teacher. I vividly remember getting my first email account, having the use of my Dad’s computer at home and patiently waiting for the dial-up internet to connect to see if I had received any new emails.

Being Daunted 

Back in the 90’s I was daunted by the prospect of learning to use computers, but knew it was essential. Step by step, with the help of patient teachers, my computer skills began to improve and eventually all my fears had disappeared. Then laptops, smart phones, desktops, PC’s, Macs and tablets just became another part of my life. 

With my computer I go online everyday for my work as a teacher, to relax in the evenings, play music, listen to the radio, and watch programmes on Netflix. With the computer and internet I love having video-calls with family and all the friends I have made around the world, and I can book holidays, pay by bills, invest money, save money and to keep on learning. But computers, tablets and smartphones are not just used as tools to get online.

Programmes that help me

Because of my interest in technology and my work background I have learnt many computer programs too. Microsoft Excel is by far my favourite and every holiday is planned in minute detail with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, which my family and friends find very funny. Being dyslexic, I also find the spell check function to be a Godsend.

Teaching style

As someone who was terrified of  technology, I understand how daunting getting to grips with it may be. I also know that when family and friends try to show us how to do certain things on the computer it is often when they don’t have much time and can be rushed, which has the result of confusing us and alienating us further.

My promise to you is to be patient, supportive and work at a pace that works for you on areas that interest you and enable you to grow and feel confident.


Just Ask Dan for Film and Graphic Design Tutoring

What Dan does best

Dan Bale predominantly works as video editor and ‘techie’ and has also taught himself how to use his film camera for making feature films. He’s constantly learning because he is always trying to find new ways to do things better, which gives him better results on film. This sense of progression in his work is a great way of relating to his student’s experience.

Dan’s Teaching style

Being able to help other people learn techniques that are simple and convenient is one of the most enjoyable things he finds about teaching. Dan finds that working with students in such a technical field that can sometimes be difficult to understand, and providing information that helps them enjoy film and graphic design is a great way of giving back.

eve and Dan's promise to all clients

I will always be patient, supportive and work at a pace that is right for you in order to get maximum gain in the areas that interest you.


I will help you build your confidence in the technical world in a fun and creative environment.


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